Thursday, January 31, 2019


“Greenovate” phrased by members of our team, aims to create awareness amongst students about the amount of waste generated in this present day and age, while teaching them how this waste can be recycled by creating beautiful crafts.

About Event


We are in a world of technology and inventions that have changed our lifestyles and way of survival. This also means that there is excess consumption which leads to more waste generation, which in turn increases our carbon footprint on the earth.  

This event is to give students a creative platform to make working models or crafts with waste materials. This allows participants to think creatively and innovatively, and also develop an understanding of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Event Guidelines:

  • Each team will get the same set of waste materials at the venue itself and participants can use only those materials
  • Time limit: 1.5 hours

Registration details

  • Participate in TEAMS of 3 students, total no. of 8 teams
  • Class 7-9th
  • Total registrations: 24

Judgment Criteria

  • Creativity
  • Type of model
  • Utilization of resources
  • Adhering to time
  • Overall presentation

Why Join

To Promote the importance of Green Energy for a sustainable environment.

To bring environmental education (EE) out of the classrooms

To engage students and make it fun for them

To encourage students to think about current environmental problems and possible solutions

To provide a relaxed environment for children to interact and learn from their peers